AEC provide the services required to support the planning, design, construction and completion of small to large scale transport infrastructure schemes, designing cost effective mitigation and preparing technical reports.

It usually necessary to demonstrate the relative noise impact of a new or altered transport system. This is often required to: ensure contract requirements will be achieved; demonstrate a TAG/DMRB assessment and/or to understand obligations under Statutory Instruments such as the Land Compensation Act 1973.

AEC have provided services such as: comparable pre and post construction noise surveys relating to road schemes; detailed 3D computer noise modelling a of light rail infrastructure, including mitigation design, expert witness evidence and assessments of noise impacts due to new airport runways.

Examples of Infrastructure projects, which AEC has worked on, include:

  • Metrolink Manchester – AEC has worked closely with TFGM in assessing the impact of the new, Airport Didsbury, Oldham to Rochdale and South Manchester Link lines.
  • Ashton Northern Bypass – New Bypass scheme in Ashton Under Lyne town centre. AEC undertook pre and post completion noise surveys and assessed the proposed scheme using CadnaA ®environmental noise prediction software.
  • Manchester Airport – AEC undertook an assessment in relation to noise complaints
  • Ashton Roundabouts – AEC undertook details pre and post completion noise monitoring for new Roundabout schemes in Ashton.