Expert witness

Expert Witness

Kevin Worthington has over 25 years of experience in this field.  He has been involved with a wide variety of litigation, instructed on behalf of both Claimant and Defendant and as a Single Joint Expert, covering industries including the following, which is by no means exhaustive:

  • Aerospace and Defence/Munitions
  • Motor Manufacturing, Repair and Maintenance
  • Road, Rail, Sea and Air Transport
  • Textiles Processing and Making
  • Woodworking and Associated Industries
  • Very wide range of Manufacturing Industry
  • Construction and Civil Engineering and Plant Hire and Operation
  • Entertainment and Leisure
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Materials and Chemical Processing Industries
  • Retail Environment
  • Medical and Dental Practice

In addition, Andy Burke, senior consultant with AEC, provides expert witness evidence for noise induced hearing loss claims.  Andy mainly acted as single joint experts covering many of the above industries.

AEC Expert Witness previous cases:

  • Sound Station Studios, Birmingham – Complaints of noise nuisance during use of studios and the impact on adjacent offices requiring sound insulation testing;
  • Sound Insulation Performance evidence for residents claims against Leeds city Council;
  • Retail Store, Birkenhead: Household Waste Refuse Site, North Worcester – Evidence in planning appeals on behalf of operators;
  • Compensation Claims, Mobberley Residents – Evidence on behalf of a number of residents applying for compensation through the Lands Tribunal in relation to noise impact from development of the Second Runway at Manchester Airport.